American Clear Car Protection Package

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Cars are exposed to environmental factors such as sun, rain, and dust, which can cause color fading and shine loss, in addition to the possibility of scratches in parking lots and elsewhere. Get full car protection and safeguard your car at the best prices with the highest levels of protection, in addition to a heat insulator that protects you and your family from harmful sun rays, allowing you to enjoy the coolness of the air conditioning. To complete the protection, the package includes protection for the front glass from flying gravel. Now your car is safe! Scotchgard offers the highest quality merchandise to protect your car, with a wide range of the best types of protective wrapping for cars, along with a specialized team that provides the service with honesty and professionalism, offering effective protection for car paint from damage and scratches. Entrust your car to Scotchgard and rest assured it's in safe hands! Managed by a Lebanese administration with over five years of experience


  • Buy KD 5 coupon and get 44% discount on VIP Car Protection Package from Scotchgard Pro

  • Pay only 239.9 KD instead of 320 KD

  • Full car protection (USA film , thickness: 8.7 microns, transparent 93% gloss, scratch-resistant, 10 years warranty)

  • Protection covers the entire car body including side mirrors and 20cm of the roof above the windshield only

  • Heat insulation with tinting (USA film, 10 years warranty, Heat insulation 88% , Harmful sun rays’ insulation 99%

  • Tinting percentage as permitted by traffic regulations

  • USA Windshield protection

  • Gifts (German car care products, 3 microfiber cleaning towels, nylon wrapping for the floor mats & the trunk mat)

  • Interior & exterior cleaning with additional Nano Ceramic layer

  • The discount percentage is applicable exclusively upon presentation of a valid coupon number

  • Payment directly to the service provider

  • Cannot be used with other offers

  • Booking in advance is required

  • Coupon can only be used one time only

  • Working hours: Saturday to Sunday from 10 AM to 8 PM

  • Coupon code will be sent by email or it can be located in your mobile application to present it to the service provider to get the discount

  • For Inquiry: 92232256 - 65717155

  • Address: Rai, opposite to The Avenues mall, Matalaa Abbas Al-Nouri Street, after Midas Exhibition

  • Valid from: 25/05/2024 to 30/06/2024

Location Info:

KD 5.000

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