Elixir Face Massage

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Elixir Face Massage is a technique used to promote relaxation, improve circulation, and enhance the appearance of the skin on the face. It typically involves using specific movements and pressure points on the face, neck, and sometimes shoulders, often incorporating the use of special oils The massage technique might include gentle kneading, tapping, stroking, and pressure applied to certain points on the face and neck Elixir Face Massage is often sought after for its potential benefits, which may include: 1.Relaxation: The massage techniques used can help to relieve tension in the facial muscles, promoting a sense of relaxation and reducing stress 2.Improved Circulation: Massage can stimulate blood flow to the skin, which may promote a healthier complexion and a natural glow 3.Lymphatic Drainage: Gentle massage movements may aid in the removal of toxins and excess fluid from the face, reducing puffiness and promoting a more sculpted appearance Marcel salon & spa offers a range of services including haircuts, hair colors, highlights, massage, and hair and skin treatments. Whether you're looking for a trendy new look or a classic style or for a manicure or pedicure, Marcel Salon has you covered. Sit back, relax, and indulge in the luxurious treatments, from nourishing masks to revitalizing scalp massages. Visit Marcel Salon today & experience haircare at its finest


  • Buy KD 1 coupon and get 36% discount on Elixir face massage at Marcel Salon & Spa

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  • The discount percentage is applicable exclusively upon presentation of a valid coupon number

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  • Advance booking is required

  • Working hours: Saturday to Thursday, from 10AM to 8PM

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  • For Inquiry: 25747575 - 25737575 - 94424402

  • Address: Salmiya ,Qatar street , Block 5 next to Al Aridi sweets, above Pizza Hut , 1st Floor

  • Valid from: 29/05/2024 to 31/07/2024

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KD 1.000

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